Planned maintenance saves you money and allows you to enjoy the time that you have to relax and enjoy this magnificent area. Chalet Solutions will offer a free assessment of your chalet and produce a planned maintenance schedule covering a five year period with an estimate of cost to help you budget. Chalet solutions are striving to build an excellent long term working relationship with our client’s whether it is to undertake various works or simply to offer advice. Contact us today and find out for yourself.

Lack of maintenance costs money.


The vast majority of gutters are zinc plated mild steel that, after the first year, hold a collection of leaves and other debris, so as they rot, produce an alkaline that attracts the zinc plating resulting in a very much reduced life span. Simple cleaning and a coat of Bitumastic paint considerably increases their life expectancy.

Timber treatment.

A good quality microporous stain will protect your timber chalet for up to eight years if the manufacturers’ claims are to be believed. However, the south facing elevations generally require a light rub down and one coat of good quality wood stain applying every two years. If your chalet is regularly maintained on an elevation by elevation basis, it only costs a few hundred pounds every 2 years rather than a very expensive job every 6-8 years and helps to prevent exposed timber from rotting.

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